Dedicated to Max. My friend and companion for 15 years.

During a single human lifetime, several pet lifetimes may have passed through our own.
It seems that as we remember each pet that shared our lives, none have ever stayed with us quite long enough....

Jan 1980 -
Jan 12, 1996

"You cannot change the world by adopting one cat....
But certainly the world would change for that one cat".


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Cookie and Oreo together shortly before Oreo left us. They were bonded blood brothers.
Picture of the Week

There is a serious problem with overpopulation of strays in this country. Cats are being discarded and destroyed by the thousands every day. This is due in part to owners who do not spay or neuter their pet and end up with unwanted additions. We will be dedicating this website to these issues with the hope that we can help some of these animals find loving and happy homes. On this page you will find different links to help you find a source for any questions you might have about shelter cats and maybe even find a wonderful pet. If you have any ideas or interesting links we can add to this site, please email us.
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Here is an article that will help you get started caring for that feral colony that has taken up residence in your neighborhood. Very informative with links to other resources.
Caring for ferals

Want to help a homeless cat but don't know what you can do? There are so many little things that
you can do to help.

Helping With Cat Rescues

Should you adopt a pet? Are your children ready? Here are a few articles on things you should consider
before bringing a pet home.
Is My Child Ready For A Family Pet?
Thinking Of Adopting A Cat?
Adoption Guidlines

You decided to adopted a kitten. Adopting a kitten is like adopting a two year old human being. Be prepared!
Read the following article on how you can make your home kitten friendly.
Kitten Proofing Your Home

Why should you spay or neuter your cat? It just makes sense. Read this article on pet
sterilization and you will understand why.

Spay And Neuter

About to lose a beloved pet to old age or health problems? Just recently lost a
loved one to an accident or disease? Here is an interesting paper for you to read about
grieving. There is also a wonderful poem written from a pets perspective on this page.
10 Tips On Coping With The Loss Of A Pet

We all love our houseplants. They are part of making a house a home. But, did you know
that some of the most common houseplants are toxic to cats? Even to the point of causing
death! This page has a list of plants that can be harmful to your cat. Take a look to see
if you have any at home.
Toxic Houseplants

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) are 2 of the
most common diseases found in the cat poplulation today. To understand them better, read
this information provided by Crash's Landing.

Animal/Family Violence

Animal Cruelty/Human Violence can be closely related. The Humane Society of the United States has introduced several new resources that can help you to recognize that pets in violent homes need a safe place to be just like other family members. The new resources include an online database of programs that provide temporary shelter for pets who come from violent situations, guidelines for establishing such programs, a promotional poster, results from a survey of domestic violence shelters, and the Report of Animal Cruelty Cases in America during 2003. If you are interested in helping to promote awareness of the connection between animal cruelty and family violence in your community, visit:
HSUS for more information.

Here is some valuable information on Feline First-Aid. Remember you should always get your pet to a vet in any emergency, but this will give some help on what to do until you can get your pet to proper medical treatment.
Feline First-Aid

Ever wonder how old your cat really is? Click the link below to find your kittys real age.

Kitty's Age

Population statistics of cats in the United States

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